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Emily Ratajkowski leaves little to the imagination as she goes topless

Emily Ratajkowski Emily Ratajkowski no stranger to stripping off, Emily Ratajkowski is at her revealing best in a new cover shoot on behalf of Vanity Fair Spain.

The model and actress, who recently claimed she’s at her most comfortable while naked, is clearly at ease while posing topless for celebrated portrait photographer Norman Jean Roy.

With a strategically positioned arm protecting her modesty, Emily, 26, shows off the famously toned physique that originally helped win her wider recognition with a provocative appearance in musician Robin Thicke’s notorious 2013 Blurred Lines video. Deft touches of smoky make-up serve to accentuate her delicately proportioned features, while her tousled locks cascade across one shoulder as she tilts her head to the side.

Offering a coquettish glance, Emily playfully raises her own modest camera in the direction of photographer Norman’s lens – and by extension her eager fan base.

The revealing campaign is no doubt bread and butter for the brunette, who recently claimed she feels completely relaxed after stripping off.

Reeling off a list of facts about herself during a promotional video for DKNY, she said: ‘I like to make my own choices. I live life on my own terms… I feel the most comfortable naked at home – are you surprised by that?

‘I don’t hold back. I don’t take any s**t – neither should you. I’m extremely persistent. I’m a really terrible singer. It’s ok not to fit into someone else’s box

‘I’m my own superhero – you are too. We are all capable of way more than we realise. I’m complicated… secretly romantic… vulnerable… bad texter…never get back to anyone… real… silly. Underneath it all, I’m just me.’ Emily Ratajkowski

Emily shot to stardom in Robin Thicke’s controversial Blurred Lines video, and has since set her sights on a movie career landing roles in Entourage, We Are Your Friends and Gone Girl.

The actress now calls the music video the ‘bane of her existence’.

Speaking in 2015, she told InStyle UK: ‘I wasn’t into the idea at all at first. I think I came off as a bit annoyed in the video.

‘Now, it’s the bane of my existence. When anyone comes up to me about Blurred Lines, I’m like: “Are we seriously talking about a video from three years ago?”‘

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