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How to Select Best Law University In Netherlands

Why study law in the Netherlands?

The Dutch legal system is one of the best performing and most democratic in the world according to the Rule of Law Index, a global comparison of 97 national legal systems (published October 2012).

In this index, developed by non-profit organization The World Justice Project (WJP), the Netherlands scored an extra high index on the functioning of the civil law and the transparency of the government. On both aspects, the Netherlands finished second within the 97 legal systems examined.

Netherlands Law Schools

Amsterdam – Amsterdam Law School.

Amsterdam – University of Amsterdam – Faculty of Law.

Amsterdam – Vrije University- Faculty of Law.

Groningen – University of Groningen -Faculty of Law.

Leiden – Leiden University – Faculty of Law.

Leiden – Leiden University School of Law.

The Amsterdam Law School is an integral part of the Amsterdam Institute of Law Education of the Faculty of Law of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. It takes care of all LL.M. Programmes. Most of these LL.M. programmes are taught in Dutch, but several are English taught programmes. The ALS is also responsible for the Amsterdam EXchange Programme and offers in this context approximately 40 courses.

International law focuses on the legal relation between nations instead of private individuals. When referring to international law, usually the following three disciplines are distinguished: Private international law, public international law and supranational law. International law degrees prepare graduates for careers in government, international relations, international business, and more.

Law in Holland – the most logical option when looking for an international law programme because:

The International Law programmes are aimed at international students.

Holland is the gateway to Europe (close to Belgium, Luxembourg and France with all their judicial institutions). Many international companies reside in the Netherlands. Many disputes are solved in the Netherlands.

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