Nicole Scherzinger ‘couldn’t stop laughing’ filming The Keith And Paddy Picture Show

Nicole Scherzinger ‘couldn’t stop laughing’ filming The Keith And Paddy Picture Show.The Keith And Paddy Picture Show returns on Saturday night, for a second round of hilarious movie spoofs.

And, as teased in the trailers, the first episode’s Grease parody will star Nicole Scherzinger, alongside regulars Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness.Nicole Scherzinger 'couldn't stop laughing' filming The Keith And Paddy

But her appearance could well be bittersweet given the rumours circling around her return to this year’s X Factor – namely that she has been axed.

If the reports are confirmed, Nicole’s cameo on ITV on Saturday night could be her last for a while.

The ever-cheery star has nonetheless revealed that she enjoyed taking part in the spoof – in which she plays herself alongside stars such as Emma Willis, Fearne Cotton and Stacey Solomon.Nicole Scherzinger 'couldn't stop laughing' filming The Keith And Paddy

‘When Keith called me up to appear on his new show and teach him to sing I said yes straight away,’ she said. ‘He is so much fun and I never stop laughing.’

Of the part, she revealed: ‘We just improvised! It wasn’t scripted so I didn’t know what was going to happen.

‘Hearing Keith sing was actually the funniest thing.’

This was echoed by fellow guest star Marvin Humes, who said of Paddy: ‘His vocals on Summer Lovin. There were a few outtakes where I could not contain my laughter. It was so funny. I love Paddy and I loved his attempts at the high notes.’Nicole Scherzinger 'couldn't stop laughing' filming The Keith And Paddy

Nicole’s X Factor fate is still unknown after she is believed to have been axed by boss Simon Cowell.

The singer, 39, is reportedly a victim to Simon’s bid to shake up the panel to boost fledgling ratings.

A source told The Sun the songstress doesn’t have a contract for the ITV show’s upcoming 15th season, as Simon looks to re-shake the panel to entice a younger audience.

They said: ‘Nicole was a passionate judge but has no contract and won’t be back this year in order to bring in fresh blood.’

Other set secrets include the fact that the building used as Rydall High was situated next to a busy road in Dagenham, it took Keith and Paddy just one afternoon to shoot their version of You’re The One That I Want [the same as the original cast], and that the Thunder Road scene was shot at Brooklands race track in Surrey where Malcolm Campbell once broke the land speed record.Nicole Scherzinger 'couldn't stop laughing' filming The Keith And Paddy

In addition, Ed Sheeran was lined up to be in this series, but his tour in Australia got pulled forward a week so it didn’t work out.

‘We’d already filmed some stuff relating to Ed in other episodes so we had to re-jig a few bits, Paddy explained.

‘It’s such a shame because he’s a great sport. We were going to get him in just to sing. So he thought he was going to come in and be in Grease!’ Keith added.

Meanwhile, her turn in Grease sees her join Keith in the role of Sandy – the part Olivia Newton John famously took on in the 1978 original.

And to replicate the comedian’s skin-tight leather trousers, Keith painted his legs black.

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