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Katy Perry pastor mother pens self-help book for parents of kids under ‘demonic influences’

Katy PerryKaty Perry pastor mother pens self-help book for parents ’s mother Mary Hudson has written a parenting guide to help those living with children who are under under ‘demonic influences’.

The evangelical pastor penned self-help book Joyful Parent = Happy Home, in which she also attack’s leading figures in pop culture, such as her daughter, for their sexually explicit behaviour on stage.

Mary, who is married to Katy’s father Maurice – also a pastor – also revealed that she had an abortion in her teenage years, yet is now a born-again Christian. Among the views she presents in her book is that pop culture – including raunchy music videos – are a  ‘cultural Armageddon’ facing today’s teenagers before adding that ‘Satan’s visual attack on our youth is relentless.’

She also believes that anyone suffering with mental health problems should have ‘a good session of worship’, as it is better than any medicine.

In the first chapter, Mary reveals that after welcoming her children – Katy, 33, elder daughter Angela, 36, and younger son David, 29 – she suffered with depression, confessing she was left in an ‘extremely dark place’.Katy Perry pastor mother pens self-help book for parents

She goes on to discuss children that have been affected by ‘demonic influences’, writing: ‘I know how difficult it can be to watch your children do things “their way,” especially when it looks like it is totally the opposite of God’s way.

‘You want to shout, “Stop!” because you clearly see the danger ahead.’

She concluded that although relationships may seem strained, God’s spirit will eventually flow through the parent and into the child, bringing them onto a path of righteousness.

In the past, Katy has admitted that her raunchy dance routines and sexually-overt lyrics have caused issues with her religious parents. Katy Perry pastor mother pens self-help book for parents

On the track Bon Appetit, she sings about being ‘spread like a buffet’, but claims that they’ve managed their relationship despite opposing moral views.

She told Australian radio show Nova Smallzy’s Surgery last June: ‘The thing about it is, which is such a weird thing, to really understand we agree to disagree but still with loving space.

‘We all come from different places… you can have your belief system, nobody is telling you to not believe your beliefs but you can also come from a space of love.’

Although the parenting book is being publicised by the Hudsons now, it was first self-published three years ago.  Katy Perry pastor mother pens self-help book for parents

One of the biggest revelations in Hudson’s book is that she had an abortion when she was only 18. She adds that it haunted her for a long time and felt that the birth of her daughter Angela, twelve years later, was God’s miracle.

Whilst Katy’s parents are pro-life, she is pro-choice, and in 2016, donated $10,000 to Planned Parenthood, a sexual health and reproduction advocacy group, even though she said it was treated as an ‘abortion clinic’ when she was a child.

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