34 Ways of How To Fix A Relationship That’s Falling Apart

There are no hints or clues as to why a relationship is falling apart, it’s a gradual realisation that things don’t feel right and something needs fixing. You don’t know where to turn to to make things better but you know you still love each other and you still want the relationship to work. Based on my experience of married life I’ve listed some of the things you could try to help you get back on life’s loving path. Hopefully it may be that one or two helpful tips might help you, but I hope that however many tips you try, at least one of them will come good and give you back the relationship that you were both once happy with.

Fix A Relationship With Honesty

You’ve got into the habit of not being honest. When he asks you how you are feeling, you tell him you feel alright, but deep down you are feeling frustrated and angry. You don’t want to tell him this because you don’t want to cause conflict. If your relationship is ending then this is not the time to pussyfoot around. You need to be totally honest and tell him how you are feeling. Tell him why you are feeling frustrated and angry. with a bit of communication all of the anger and frustration you are feeling can be sorted. Your feelings can never be dealt with if you are not honest about them. Your man will love you for being honest with him, it means he can take actions to put things right. The fact that you talked to him about your problems means that you care enough about the relationship to do something about it.

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